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What is Naval Battlezone?

Naval Battlezone is a Minecraft gaming Network, which has a theme as a Post World War II or Early Cold War Eras, where cannons and missiles were generally found as main weapons on combat vehicles.

Vehicles used here range from primary water-based vehicles known as "Ships", however there are others such as "Submarines", flying vehicles such as "Aircraft" and "Helicopters", and also land-based vehicles called "Tanks". While not required, are usually armed, which is the general purpose of the server itself. Combat.

Players can form factions, own land, engage in combat with one another in wars.

What's Navycraft?

This is the a specially Java Language coded Spigot is called Navycraft. This spigot allows for large buildings to be come functional moving vehicles used for purposes of combat. This is done by teleporting connecting blocks a certain distance at measured speed. Vehicle is controlled by a Vehicle Sign and it's movement governed Engine Signs.

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